“She Moves.”
20 women, 20 communities,
20 projects: 1 experience

“She Moves. Elle, en Mouvement.” is a journey of personal and professional growth through empowering leadership experiences that will create meaningful impact in communities across Canada!

Elevate International and Forum for Young Canadians have partnered to unite 20 women delegates to travel across Canada and take part in an important global event – the Women Deliver 2019 Conference.

Today, Canada is driving change for women.  This is a pivotal moment in our history to unite the voices, knowledge and experience of all generations and to maximize our impact for generations to come. It is an even greater moment in history as Canada hosts the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century.

If we can be certain of anything, it is that history has shown that creating lasting change for any society requires active citizens. This is an important time in our history for more women to have opportunities to be part of the historic moments in shaping our country and the world.


  • Purpose- to unite a group of aspiring young female leaders (mainly young alumnae of the Forum for Young Canadians program), with other multigenerational stakeholders, to live a once in a lifetime experience and ultimately shine as empowered Canadian women! Delegates will acquire tools and resources, through a vibrant network of like-minded peers, and put their leadership into practice by creating and implementing community impact projects.

 What is the Women Deliver Conference?

Our delegation will embark on a 4-day journey from Toronto to Vancouver to partake in the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, from June 3-6. During this trip, women leaders will visit meaningful landmarks, like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and develop impact projects to take back to their communities in hopes of serving girls and women.

Once in Vancouver, our multi-generational delegation will join a network of over 6,000 world leaders, parliamentarians, royals, private sector executives, civil society leaders, young people, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists from over 160 countries with the common objective to power progress for girls and women everywhere.

Following the Women Deliver Conference, our delegates will create, develop and implement a community impact project to elevate and empower girls and women in their communities!


Who are we?

  • 20 Female Canadians (35% visible minority, 20% francophone,
    10% indigenous, 5% disability)
  • 18-57 years
  • Forum for Young Canadians program alumnae
  • University students
  • Nonprofit sector professionals
  • Business sector professionals
  • Mothers, daughters, colleagues, friends

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JOIN the “She Moves.” MOVEMENT!

Partnering with “She Moves.” is an investment in Canada and its female leaders. Your contribution will support delegates as they participate in important, immersive and engaging national and international events in 2019.

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