Costs and Bursaries

Students selected are responsible for paying or raising the funds necessary to cover the cost of attendance. Partial bursaries are available for students who wouldn’t have the resources to finance their trip.
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What is the cost?

The cost to attend Forum for Young Canadians is $995 CAD.

Funding your attendance

$995 can seem like an overwhelming amount of money. We can help you find funding so that the cost does not prevent you from participating. Forum is an experience that puts your motivation to the test. Bursaries can help but you do not have to rely on them to fund your entire experience. Fundraising is one element of working to obtain what you want. Financing your trip by yourself is an achievement that you can be proud of, and that you could mention on your resume.


Students in need may be eligible to receive a bursary to lower the cost for their Forum participation. These bursaries are accessible according to criterion such as:

  • Household income
  • Number of dependents in household
  • Number of dependents entering post-secondary education

This non-exhaustive list should give you some idea of whether you are eligible for bursaries. However, each case is different. We also pay attention to your personal story and needs and to the work that you already put towards fundraising.

Each piece of information you use to demonstrate your fundraising efforts will help determine your eligibility for a bursary towards your Forum session.


Are you a SHAD alumni? We have 3 full bursaries for students who have previously participated in SHAD to attend Forum for Young Canadians 2020. Interested in applying for this bursary? Contact Lizzy Berg at

Already participated in Forum but interested in applying to SHAD? They’re awarding one full bursary for a Forum alumni to attend SHAD 2020! Find out more.


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