What is Forum for Young Canadians?

Forum for Young Canadians is a week-long program which occurs three times per year in Ottawa. During each session young people aged 15 to 19 years from all across Canada discover and learn about Canadian democracy thanks to activities and presentations on politics, policy, and international trade.

Who can participate in Forum?

Any 15 to 19 year-old student enrolled in a secondary school or a CEGEP during the year of the program, or any homeschooled student of the same age.

How many spots are there?

107 per session (320 total).

Where does Forum take place?

Downtown Ottawa.

How many sessions are there ?

3 per year.

When will the program take place?

For now, the dates for the 2020 sessions are as follows:

  •  Sunday, February 9 to Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Sunday, March 1 to Friday, March 6, 2020
  •  Sunday, March 22 to Friday, March 27, 2020

(Subject to change with the Parliamentary Calendar)

When is the deadline to apply?

November 30, 2019 @ 5:00pm EST.

What is the cost of a Forum session?

$995.00 CAD.

What does the cost include?

All expenses during the week, which consist of:

  • Travel costs to and from Ottawa
  • Hotel accommodation
  • All meals
  • Instructional materials
  • Activities
  • Transportation within Ottawa, by bus

How can I pay for my experience?

  • Many students conduct fundraising (we send a useful fundraising manual to everyone we accept).
  • With the help of bursaries that are delivered under conditions.
  • Schools will often cover part of the cost to attend, if you make a request to them

How many students per room?

1 to 3. Each student gets their own bed. Single rooms are available, but carry a cost increase.

Are the rooms gender-mixed rooms?


Are the rooms mixed by age?


Who distributes the rooms?

Forum staff. We try to mix the students to facilitate networking between individuals from different parts of the country.

Are students from Ottawa still required to pay the full amount and stay in the hotel?

Yes. Ottawa students are required to pay the same admission fee of $995. Technically, everyone’s travel is already covered through Exchanges Canada, so the $995 fee that you see does not include travel fare. That fee covers accommodation, meals, and programming for the entire week.

We ask that every participant stays in the hotel in order for all to share the same experience. A huge part of Forum is getting to know your fellow peers from across the country, and by staying in the hotel those connections can grow stronger.

Can I do Forum repeatedly?

No, but you can participate as a volunteer to relive the Forum experience.

Will the students miss classes?

Yes. To apply for Forum, you must have permission from your school.

What security measures are set up by Forum?

  • A safety manual is provided to every student at Forum.
  • First Aid Certified volunteers are available 24 hours a day for the entire session.
  • A night security guard and a supervisor patrol the hotel from 10pm to 8am.
  • All Forum persons in contact with the students have undergone a vulnerable sector police records check.

How are the students supervised?

During activities students are split into groups of  approx. ten. Each group gets its own volunteer group leader. Other members of the Foundation team and volunteers are also available to support students.


What is the difference between a volunteer for Forum and a volunteer for the Foundation?

A volunteer for Forum will have precise role during one or more of the sessions, whereas a volunteer for the Foundation will have many tasks surrounding the organization of Forum (before and during the sessions) or with other events.

How are volunteers trained?

Volunteers for Forum receive intensive in-person and online training before the sessions, whereas volunteers for the Foundation will receive an oral training when they’ll get to the Foundation premises.

Can I use my volunteering experience at Forum/the Foundation to complete my mandatory school volunteer program?


Can I choose my schedule as a volunteer?

You can choose your schedule if you are a volunteer for the Foundation. As a Forum volunteer you can choose your position but you have to live up to your time commitments.

What types of volunteers are there at Forum?

There are:

  • Group Leaders (Attend for the whole week, lead groups of students)
  • Logistic Assistants (Attend for the whole week, work on specific supporting projects)
  • Forum support (Choose their schedule but have to live up to their commitments)

Are there conditions to become a volunteer?

You have to undergo a vulnerable sector police records check.

How can I have my police sector check?

To obtain your check you have to apply through your local police station.

If you have any other questions:

Please contact us at: (613) 233-4086 extension 104 or at the following address: lberg@forum.ca

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