Code of Conduct

Forum is a stimulating experience. It is also a very demanding experience, both physically and mentally. It requires whole-hearted participation and a real commitment to the program.

  1. Appropriate and respectful behaviour is required at all times.
    – The highest level of respect will be expected during Forum. No forms of harassment—physical, verbal, racial, sexual or otherwise—will be tolerated.
    – Although we encourage the development of new friendships, Forum is not the place to develop relationships beyond friendship. No sexual contact will be allowed.
  2. The use, possession or concealment of alcohol, marijuana or non-prescribed medications is strictly forbidden at all times.
  3. Delegates must be in their own rooms by curfew, unless expressly authorized by the Student Experience Coordinator, or, in their absence, the Team Leader.
  4. Delegates must attend all scheduled sessions and activities in order to graduate from Forum. 


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