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As humans, it is part of our nature to have some ups and downs and some days to feel a little sulky. So how would you react if, on one of those days, driving at work, you see a young person holding a sign telling you to smile because someone loves you or if your coffee at Starbuck was free because the person ahead of you already paid for it?  Would it make you smile?

An amazing group of students from Maple Ridge, BC are trying to make as many strangers as possible smile. The reason; “to make others happy through small acts, asking nothing in return” says co-founder of the project, Jenna, who is also an alumna of Forum.

Starting with a video they watched in their leadership class, Jenna and her friend decided to bring “Make DC Smile” alive in BC. They flew Massoud, the young man who founded “Make DC Smile,” to Canada, and had him participate in their activities as well as be the keynote speaker of a week-long conference they held from May 25th to May 30th, called “Celebration of Respect.”

Since last November, they have done so many activities and little gestures that made people smile. As well as holding signs by the highway, they took sleeves for coffee cups and added positive messages on them before bringing them back to the coffee shop to be used, they also visited elementary schools and hospitals to distribute flowers for the patients. If two students can start something amazing like this, imagine for a moment how many people an entire country could make smile! These students are an amazing example of how small actions can change others’ lives. Would you like to be part of it or have ideas of how you can make people around you smile? Visit their website for a list of ideas:

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