Citizenship challenge

I am the parent of an alumna of Forum for Young Canadians as well as a recently retired bilingual educator.  This past November I started volunteering in the Forum office after my daughter encouraged me to do so. Sandra, Val and Catherine have been amazing to work with and I am learning much about the vision and mission of Forum for Young Canadians.

I sincerely believe that it is important to encourage our youth to learn more about this incredible country in which we are so privileged to live. Young Canadians need to more fully understand how our country is governed and need to be inspired to become active and engaged citizens. Forum for Young Canadians seeks to inspire and empower Canadian youth and encourages them to take leadership in their community as they make their voices heard. Being a Canadian citizen is not only about having rights and freedoms but is also about knowing how to appropriately and meaningfully exercise these rights and freedoms.

Speaking of the importance of becoming more responsible and engaged Canadian citizens, I would like to encourage you to check out the Citizenship Challenge at Historica Canada.  It is “the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship”, and is a great website where educators will find English and French historical resources which will supplement classroom learning. The Citizenship Challenge is a challenge” in which young Canadians answer the same questions as real-life applicants for citizenship”.  This challenge has 20 questions and is open to young Canadians aged 12-18. It can be completed independently or in a group setting and there are prizes to be won! Check out and…hope to see you at FORUM FOR YOUNG CANADIANS!

– Elizabeth

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