My experience at Forum for Young Canadians

While attending Forum for Young Canadians I made countless new friends that I aspire to remain in contact with. I learned many interesting and educational things about Canadian politics, and became a more engaged citizen.

The week, at Forum for Young Canadians, I made friends from all over Canada. I now have friendships with other engaged youth across Canada, from coast to coast. To my group at Forum and myself, the bonds that we created made the trip worthwhile by themselves. The people that I met at Forum are not only amazing individuals who I will stay friends with. They are also ambitious young Canadians, who made me realize that our generation is powerful. With these new friendships, I learned more about each part of Canadian politics and how the decisions that our government makes affects us all.

Throughout my week in Ottawa at Forum for Young Canadians, I learned so much about the Canadian political system. I was able to first hand see how

Amy during the MP Reception with her group

Amy during the MP Reception with her group

government works through conversations with MPs, senators and other politically involved individuals from all across Canada, listening to the Speakers of the House of Commons and the Senate, sitting and walking within the House of Commons and the Senate, participating in simulations involving elections, immigration, refugees and negotiation between provinces. All this enabled me to have a deeper understanding of our Canadian government. The schedule for the week in Ottawa was jam packed with events, however, each event helped me in learning and understanding government, as well as connecting me with other individuals.

Coming out of Forum, I am a more engaged citizen. After talking with various individuals and gaining a better understanding of Canada’s political and diversity, I am now ready and willing to participate and be more involved in activities in my community, province and nation.

One of the events that was particularly special during my week in Ottawa was the MP Dinner, where I talked with various MPs and Forum Alumni who are now politically involved. At the MP Dinner the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau came and gave a speech. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him! Another event was the Senators breakfast, where I met the current Usher of the Black Rod and discussed his position and role in parliament.

In addition, this trip improved my abilities in French. I was given opportunities to give speeches in French, communicate with Francophones and listen to speeches in French given by Francophones. I believe that my French speaking, listening and communication abilities improved during Forum.

Amy W. – Alberta

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