My first leadership experience

It was nearly 4 years ago that I participated in something that became a life changing experience for me.  Just a little guy from northwestern New Brunswick who was going to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians program in Ottawa.  Far from my small town, I went to Parliament Hill to see if politics really interested me. Well, as soon as I arrived, I immediately embraced what politics had to offer: leadership, challenges, excitement and especially an awakening of my civic conscience towards my strong proud and free country.

My experience in Ottawa with the Forum for Young Canadians gave me a better understand the meaning of our Canadian motto A Mari Usque Ad Mare. From coast to coast, young Canadians are full of ideas to help their country grow. The issues of Canadians politics at this point make me want to continue my quest for knowledge of our Canadian political system. With this experience, I got to know people from all over the country, people who had the same ambition and drive as me which was to make a difference on our respective communities.

So I left Ottawa with an idea in mind, taking my new vision on things that  emerged from participating in the Forum for Young Canadians program and seriously getting involved in my little corner of the country where I quickly put up my  first student leader interventions.

Today, in 2015, I am in my third consecutive term as president of the General Students Association of the Moncton University, Edmundston Campus. This is a record unmatched since the opening of the campus in 1946. During the past three year, I brought forward projects such as a support program for students’ initiatives achievements. I am also the President of the Youth Secretariat of Edmundston which is an organization that promotes entrepreneurial culture among young people;  I have in me, the desire to make a difference in my community by contributing the best of my abilities.

I believe that several small victories lead to major wins and what is happening to me now is not an exception.  I have the great privilege of being among the top 50 emerging leaders from Atlantic Canada who will participate in a summit in November, more specifically from November 1st to 6th in Charlottetown.

Portraying this individual that I am I believe that in life, nothing happens from nothing and that the efforts being made by an individual are never found in vain. I do not know if leadership is something that is innate at a person’s birth or that everything can be learned along the way but one thing is certain, in this world there is room for every person who believes in the future and its potential.

– Mathieu, Edmundston, NB

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