Thanks to Bombardier from a Forum participant

When I first stepped into Bombardier’s facilities in Montreal three years ago, when the CSeries were only a prototype, I had no clue I was about to embark on a life-changing journey. Led by my high school Physics teacher and senior Bombardier employees, we toured the giant factory and its offices, watching our steps as the workers diligently designed and assembled gigantic plane parts. It was breathtaking. A year later, I was sitting in a private plane, taking off for my first solo flight. And the excitement did not end there! Attending Forum for Young Canadians this March reconnected me with my inspiration: I met Pierre Pyun, Bombardier’s Vice President for Governmental Affairs. This incredible speaker not only brought aviation to life but also addressed the politics and sustainability of the company’s projects in his talk at Forum, reaching out to participants and encouraging them to speak up. After this dynamic exchange, as we settled for lunch, I got the rare opportunity to thank him for opening our eyes to new realities. On behalf of Forum, I would like to thank Pierre Pyun – once more – for his involvement in the program and the priceless investment Bombardier is making in our youth!


Anna from Montréal, Qc


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