Message from the Chair

October, 2019

At last year’s AGM we presented the outcomes of a strategic planning process that would guide the work of the Board of Directors, employees and volunteers for the next 3 years. This year we have been focussing on processes which will enable us to establish a stronger future for the Foundation.

When the Foundation was created 43 years ago, its mandate was to engage and educate young Canadians about the role and function of the three levels of democratic government in Canada. In keeping with this mandate, our vision is now to empower and equip our delegates to participate in meaningful civic engagement. To this end, our programming is constantly adapting as we strive to motivate young Canadians to action by providing them with tools and platforms where challenges faced in their communities can be shared and where priorities that are relevant and important to them can be discussed and, hopefully, acted upon.

Engaging our alumni is a key component of our strategic plan and is vital to the future of our organization. This year, 20 alumnae and Friends of Forum attended the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver. Creating impact was our focus and the delegates were mandated to implement community projects which would lead to further empowerment of girls and women across the country. This inaugural initiative engaged our alumnae in a powerful way and we look forward to future opportunities for further meaningful impact.

(As Executive Director, I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Justine Hendricks, who after 12 years as a Board member (6 years as Chair), is leaving the  organization in a strong position to grow and prosper.) Armed with a Strategic Plan and a Target Operating Model focusing on Governance, Technology, and  fundraising, we are facing the upcoming year with optimism as we continue to have positive impact and inspire young Canadians, who, in their own ways, are already leaders in motion.

Marie-Michèle Lafèrriere, Executive Director 

Justine Hendricks, Past-Chair

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