Foundation for the Study of Processes of Government in Canada

Citizenship. Democracy. Governance. These concepts are integral to the functioning of our country, but what do they really mean? What do they mean for youth?

The Foundation for the Study of Processes of Government in Canada is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1975.

The Foundation offers innovative programming that engages youth in Canada’s democratic process and its institutions.

Empowering youth for lifelong and meaningful civic engagement.

The Foundation started with a simple formula: To bring together interested and engaged youth from across the country to participate in a constructive and educational exploration of their national institutions. Time has shown that this is a recipe for success. The participants in the programs of the Foundation, who now number more than 24,000, reap a tremendous reward.To achieve these goals, the Foundation has operated several programs to educate politically engaged young people. Its most famous program is Forum for Young Canadians, which has existed since the Foundation was created. The programs of the Foundation have also served to foster leadership skills in young Canadians. Participants in these programs have had the opportunity to learn about government, democracy and citizenship, to meet various actors in the Canadian public sphere, and to connect with other young people whose interests are similar to their own.

They benefit greatly from the educational aspects of the programming, which is the primary objective of the Foundation They become better informed, more involved citizens, which in turn serves the public good across Canada. Participants also have the formative experience of meeting their peers from other parts of the country. For many, their attendance at a Foundation program is their first such experience, and it brings with it an important awareness of themselves and each other. What’s more, they become a part of a broader network that extends across Canada.

Many of today’s political leaders made their debut in Forum – so don’t hesitate! You, your child, or your student can be a part of a new generation of national leaders.

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