2019 Sessions Update

Forum 2018-2019 Session Newsletter

Wow! We can’t believe a whole set of Forum sessions is over for yet another year! Again, we were amazed and inspired by all of our participants…you truly are an incredible group of young Canadian leaders!

Please join us in taking a look back at Forum 2018/ 2019…



Fall session made a return… and it was a success!

For the first time in several years, we added a Fall Forum session to 2019 programming. A smaller group than normal, our 68 students who attended the Fall session loved their experience in the Capital during the season. Additionally, this was the last Forum group to see the House of Commons and Senate the way they originally were in Centreblock! An opportunity that was fully taken advantage of!


Our new Parliamentary Reception, not just MP Reception!

October 24, 2018
PHOTO: Greg Kolz

Every year, we invite Members of Parliament to our reception to meet their constituents who are attending Forum. This year, we opened up our invitation to all Parliamentarians.

At the Parliamentary Reception this year, we had great participation from both Senators and Members of Parliament. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Senate of Canada. Thank you for coming out to help support these young Canadian leaders!


First group into the new HoC and Senate

For our February and March sessions, students had the opportunity to see and sit in the new House of Commons located in Westblock. Excitingly, students in Session 3 in March were able to sit inside the new Senate.

On top of this, we were the first youth group ever to be invited inside the new House of Commons! Forum thanks the Hill for this exciting opportunity for our students.


Canadian Club of Ottawa Luncheon

Session 2 participants attended the February Canadian Club of Ottawa Luncheon on the #FutureOfWork in Canada.

Thank you for the Canadian Club of Ottawa for the kind invitation and for giving the place to our 120 future workers to ask excellent (and tough) questions that are important to them!


Extra day thanks to NRCAN

In partnership with Natural Resources Canada, Session 3 participants attend a full day of programming on Environment, Energy and the Future of transportation in Canada.

Prior to the Forum, participants were encouraged to engage in community-based conversations to explore their communities’ specific concerns under the umbrella of environment, climate change with a focus on transportation. The type of identified challenges were linked to the reduction of carbon emission within the community, protecting river banks and water conditions, waste management and sustainability, electric vehicle subsidization, accessible bike paths, community gardens and public transportation to name a few.

What a great way to create concrete community action projects! Types of projects that will be conducted are: getting a charging station for a car at the school, educating the community and about the importance of recycling and composting and putting systems in place, pushing for pedestrian only paths, having more accessible bike paths, green roofs on main street, and green public transportation.





Forum’s 321 students traveled to Ottawa from all across Canada. They came from both rural and urban communities, and represented a wide variety of perspectives and views.

Every province and territory was represented at Forum for Young Canadians this year, something we are very proud of!





Forum would not be possible without the support of its many partners. Over 100 volunteers and 50 partners contributed to the Forum for Young Canadians in 2019. Their dedication and support of the program facilitates student learning and empowerment. Forum has remained Canada’s premier youth civic engagement program for over 43 amazing years because of our Friends of Forum.

Many organizations sponsor Forum for Young Canadians. Their involvement makes possible the engagement, learning, and empowerment of our students.




Thanks for making Forum 2019 a success!

Each year, countless volunteers contribute to making Forum for Young Canadians such a success. We’d like to give a special shout out to our 2018/2019 volunteers this year, thank YOU for making Forum so special this time around! This is definitely a year to remember!

It’s time to get excited for Forum 2020! Follow us on social media and spread the Forum opportunity to an engaged young person in your life. Session dates for 2020 are currently on our website, check them out!


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