Volunteer for the Foundation

The Foundation is directed by devoted professionals who believe in its mandate and in the strength of the Canadian political system. Talented individuals give their time and their talents to our Board of Directors or work in the office to help offer quality programming.

Office Volunteers

Commitment: Level 3


Office volunteers work behind the scenes, but are essential in the functioning of the Foundation! The preparation for the three Forum sessions requires a lot of work, which is why having office volunteers is so important.


  • Competence in both English and French is an asset


  • Undergo a vulnerable sector police records check
  • Understand Forum’s objectives

Benefits of volunteering

  • A major leadership role on your CV
  • An Exemplary Volunteer certificate from Forum
  • Be a volunteer on a more flexible schedule
  • Building your professional network and meeting new people
  • Create an opportunity to improve your language skills


Board of Directors

Commitment: Level 4

The leadership structure of the Foundation includes:

  • An Executive Committee consisting of a
    • Chair;
    • Vice-chair;
    • Past chair;
    • Treasurer; and
    • Secretary
  • A Board of Directors (around 18 volunteers depending on their mandates).

Those members represent the provinces and territories of Canada and can be elected to three year mandates two times each.

If you want to learn more please contact our Executive Director at [email protected]

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