Costs and Bursaries

Candidates who are selected are responsible for covering the cost of their participation at Forum. Partial bursaries are available for students who would otherwise not be able to fully finance this experience.
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What is the cost of attending?

The fee is $995 and includes transportation to and from Ottawa, meals, accommodation, and program fees.

How can I finance my participation?

Although $ 995 is an amount that may seem out-of-reach for some, we do not want this fee to prevent you from experiencing Forum. If accepted, you will have access to fundraising suggestions in the student manual.

Please note that Forum will no longer provide tax receipts.


We also offer bursaries to help those who may need it, but they do not cover the entire cost.

Eligible students can apply to receive bursaries which can help reduce the cost of their participation in the program. Bursaries are awarded based on selection criteria which includes:

  • Family income
  • The number of dependent children
  • The number of dependent children pursuing higher education

This list is not exhaustive and is intended only to give an idea of ​​the criteria for bursary eligibility. As each case is different, we place a lot of importance on your “story” and the efforts you have already made to raise funds.

Please include all relevant information in your application so as to increase your possibility of obtaining a bursary.

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