The Forum Experience

Would you like to contribute to the future of your community and your country? Are you interested in learning more about the decision-making process in Canada? Do you want to create meaningful relationships with others from across Canada who share interests and passions similar to yours? If so, then Forum is for you!

The Forum for Young Canadians is a bilingual, non-partisan, and inclusive program that engages youth in Canada’s democratic process and institutions, seeking to educate, equip, empower and inspire youth for lifelong and meaningful civic engagement. With over 25,000 alumni, this immersive and educational program has been in existence for almost 45 years, offering youth the opportunity to learn about Canadian government, democracy, and citizenship. Forum connects young leaders from across the country through their shared passions and interests and brings them together through a variety of experiential learning and networking opportunities.

For decades, Forum has provided a unique space for youth to experience our multifaceted democracy and the institutions that form its foundation. The time has come for Forum to be reimagined for young people today by building on the program’s strengths and legacy while adapting to new and innovative opportunities for experiential learning and engagement. Now is the time to make sure our young leaders receive the support and the tools they need to ensure their continued meaningful engagement in all areas of Canadian society. We are excited to emerge post-pandemic stronger, more accessible and effective – ready to encourage young people to be audacious, reach higher, and embrace public service engagement and leadership.

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