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Canada’s Climate Change Action

Hand-drawn artwork featuring text, graphs, and images related to Canada’s climate change action. The background is made up of silhouettes of mountains and trees in a gradient of green shades. One graph details emissions per in various countries, another graph shows greenhouse gas emissions per Canadian Province. There is a photo of a flower, and another of a mountain goat glued into the artwork.
  • Submitted by:
    Rachel O.
  • Type:
    • Artwork
  • Year:
    • 2023
  • Location:
  • Language:
    • English

It speaks about Canada’s climate action, how we have not yet met our goals and possible solutions for the future.

Canada’s climate change action [image transcript]

Canada has not met the 1.5˚C of increase limit set by the Paris agreement and is ranked highly insufficient on this topic, having one of the highest emission rates per capita in the world.  

“Canada has never reached any of its own climate targets,” said a national policy manager at Climate Action Network Canada. 

Tree plantation programs are a necessary as more mature trees photosynthesize slower and less effectively. Are there any old climate change programs that are still possible? 

Little things can help, even a limit for the temperature on air conditioning like in some other countries. Canada’s ecosystems play an important role and conserving them can prevent tremendous amounts of carbon from being emitted.  There are 327 billion tonnes of carbon stored in Canadian ecosystems, which is 25 years of human-caused global greenhouse gas emissions at 2019 emissions levels. 

There’s always hope. 

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