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Group 19 Copy

My Country, Canada

A hand-painted landscape of Jasper, Alberta. In the foreground, the artist and her family are seated in the grass together. The father and daughter are cuddled together. In the midground, a wide blue river crosses the landscape. In the background, large mountains are illuminated on one side by the sun, the other side is cast in shadows. There is greenery visible on the mountainsides.
  • Submitted by:
    Meaghan M.
  • Type:
    • Artwork
  • Year:
    • 2023
  • Location:
    • Ontario
  • Language:
    • French

For me, Canada is family and nature, and I wanted to represent that in my artwork. I decided to paint a photo that my mother took of our family in Jasper, Alberta, in 2011. You can see me with my brother and my father. In the background, there are mountains. I was born near Edmonton, and my entire family lives close to there, but my father is in the military and we moved away from Alberta. Because of these circumstances, the mountains represent family and the place I want to return to. And mountains are a big part of nature in Canada. But there is also tundra, prairies, forests… nature here is very diverse and very beautiful.

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